Faham 2 digital single-phase meter

Faham 2 digital single-phase meter, model MTF100F, with the ability to connect single-phase and directly, and with the ability to measure active and reactive energy in both directions of energy flow in four quadrants and several tariffs.

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Toos Fuse Co Faham 2 digital single-phase meter main specification

This product, which is marketed under the brand name Toos Fuse, weighs about 550 grams Its input voltage is 230 volts and its frequency is 50 Hz. . It can also calculate the current from 5 to 100 amps It also has an LED display and a status change button.

  • Ability to measure active and reactive energy
  • The possibility of reading during a power outage
  • 4 tariffs
  • Protection against unauthorized manipulation
  • Reading with optical port and RS-485 port

Digital and Smart Electricity Meters Review

مشخصات فنی


MTF100F Single Phase Meter

کلاس دقت انرژی

Active: Class 1 (IEC 62053-21), Reactive: Class 2 (IEC 62053-23)

نوع اتصال

Single phase two wire (1P2W) Direct Connected

ولتاژ نامی Ue


جریان نامی In


حداکثر جریان


ثابت کنتور

1000imp/kVArh, 1000imp/kWh

فرکانس نامی


جریان راه اندازی


حداکثر ولتاژ قابل تحمل


محدوده ولتاژ عملکردی

-20% to +15% Un

توان مصرفی کنتور

Current (0.1 VA), Voltage (0.4 W, 0.7 VA)

دقت ساعت RTC

( sec/day (IEC 62054-21) ) 0.5≥

کلاس عایقی

Double Insulation

مشخصات باتری

Replicable external lithium battery + Internal supercapacitor for supporting RTC and R.W.P

ارتباط محلی

Optical Port

محدوده دمایی

Operating: (-40°C to +70°C), Storage: (-40°C to +85°C)

درجه حفاظت IP


حداکثر رطوبت محیطی


جنس بدنه

Polycarbonate (PC)

ترمینال ها

Wire size: 1 mm2 to 35 mm2, Lifting screw type


178x128x48.5 mm


approx 0.55kg

به روز رسانی فریمور

Remote and local upgrading

پشتیبانی امنیتی

AES 128 + HLS (GMAC)

سرویس های xDLMS

Action, Block transfer with Get, Block transfer with Set, Data notification, General block transfer, General protection, Multiple reference, Selective access, Set, Get, Set, Action, Selective access, Multiple reference, Data notification, General protection, General block transfer, Block transfer with Get, Block

پروفایل بار

Average values profile, Daily profile, Hourly profile, Maximum values Profile, Minimum values profile, Monthly (Billing) profile

صورتحساب دوره ای


ثبت رویدادها

Communication log, Disconnect log, Standard log, ثبت دستکاری غیرمجاز, ثبت کیفیت توان

مقادیر اندازه گیری

F, I, kVA, kvar, kVArh, kW, kWh, PF, Phase angle, V

Quadrantهای اندازه گیری


حفاظت در برابر دستکاری غیرمجاز

Anti-Fraud, Decryption failure, Magnetic field, Meter/terminal cover open, Reverse energy, تشخیص Frame Counter اشتباه, تشخیص برقراری ارتباط غیرمجاز


Data storage during power failure, Data storage for more than 40 years

صفحه نمایش (LCD)

Battery charge statues, Date and time status, Long life 8-digit large character LCD (4mm x 8mm), OBIS code, with a viewing angle of 60 degrees, with backlight, اعلام وضعیت دستکاری غیرمجاز

دسته‌بندی کنتورهای فهام


تاییدیه‌ها و استانداردها

DIN Standards, DLMS Certificate, IDIS Certificate, IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-21/22/23, IEC 62055-31, IEC 62056, TAVANIR Certificate

نقد و بررسی‌ ها

نقد و بررسی‌ها

هنوز بررسی‌ای ثبت نشده است.

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