Inertia Switch


Inertia switch is an important part in the car that is located on the way to the gas station. If the car receives a strong impact (between 8g and 14g), this equipment will cut off the gas pump within 60ms, in order to prevent fire and explosion by turning off the car.

توضیحات محصول

  • Ability to cut off car fuel in severe collisions
  • Preventing car fires and explosions
  • Can be used in different cars such as Peugeot, “Samand”, “Prid”, “Tiba”

مشخصات فنی



مناسب برای خودرو

Samand-Pars-Peugeot 405

زمان عملکرد

60 ms

تاییدیه‌ها و استانداردها

B154101, B304410, B620100, STE 9621699699


40 gr

تحمل دمای وارد شده

40-120 Celsius


for cuting off car fuel in severe collisions

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