Opening of the sales office of Toos Fuse Company – Mashhad

Toos Fuse Company Masshad Sales Office

We are very proud that the sales office of Toos Fuse Company was opened in its new location on 05/20/2023 with a special ceremony. Reopening the company’s sales office in Mashhad can lead to better communication with our representatives and respected customers. . In advance, we welcome you to the sales office of the product collection of Toos Fuse Company.

Our colleagues in the company’s sales office are ready to provide the necessary guidance regarding the purchase and technical advice of all kinds of company products, including Miniature Circuit Breakers, Smart and Digital Meters, life-saving MCBs, etc. .

Toos Fuse Company Sales Office address

On the corner of 7th Sanaei, Sanaei St, Saheb Al-Zaman Square, Mashhad, Iran

 Toos Fuse Products


 Pictures of the sales office of Toos Fuse Company

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