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in superior quality in line with global standards

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Warranty, complaints and after-sales service

Providing the best after-sales service after your trust in us is one of the ways to guarantee the quality of our products

SMT line services and injection salon

Production of quality products using up-to-date technologies

Guides and recipes

Guidance and providing the necessary instructions for using the product with a special manual

Cooperation Request

If you have a request to cooperate with Tos Fuse, just send us your request

Order registration system

If you have an order for our products, we welcome you with pleasure and we will respond to you as soon as possible

Suggestions and criticisms and polls

If you have suggestions and criticisms regarding our performance, we welcome you with pleasure


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Automotive products

Acrodite Laboratory

Conducting tests and presenting results

Based on international and national standards

A new generation of assembly technology in the manufacture of electronic products

SMT production line

Based on international and national standards

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کنتور برق دیجیتال و هوشمند

Types of digital and smart electricity meters

An electricity meter is a device that measures and displays the amount of electrical energy or, in other words, the amount of electricity consumed. The unit of measurement of electricity meters is usu
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