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Knowledge-based Toos Fuse company

Knowledge-based Toos Fuse company is the first and only manufacturer of miniature keys under the license of AEG Germany in the Middle East, which was established in Mashhad in 1369 and started producing all kinds of products since 1378 and at present , the major part of the company’s production consists of digital and smart electronic meters, miniature circuit breakers and residual circuit current breaker and all kinds of plastic industrial parts. Also, this company imports other AEG low voltage products. By transferring the technology and technical know-how of AEG products, Toos Fuse has taken a big step towards self-sufficiency, improving quality and meeting the needs of the country’s electricity industry These products have all international and national standards in the electrical industry, including ISO 90001:2008, ISIRI 10795-23, ISIRI 107958-21, EN60898, IEC898 VDE0641, IEC60947-2, ISIRI261 IEC6108-1 … Toos Fuse company has central offices, commercial and after-sales services in Mashhad and Tehran and a coordination office in Hamburg, Germany, and a wide network of sales agents in all provinces of Iran.

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درباره پخش ویدیو توس فیوز